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Detailed research lead to the realization that most traffic and potential customers were located on communication.
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We started as a small business with an idea to offer our customers the best products in the market at affordable prices. But our message was not clear. Apurva and her team helped us to build a social presence that helped us to communicate better with more offers. Thank you for this opportunity. I definitely want to keep working with you for my further growth in the market.
Fahad Malik
We have just started our journey with Shyona and we are already having a great experience. The dummy marketplace website they created actually attracted all our attention. We are positive about the final outcome and eager to launch the website soon. Thanks to the team!
Ali Riyaz
Shyona delivers results, working fast and understanding the bigger picture to meet both project and company goals.
Conor Rashford
Our company is very satisfied with how Shyona accommodated our needs and delivered quality results. The Account Manager `` Shikha`` was very helpful and understood what we exactly need. We will definitely recommend them to our business partners and friends.``
Mohammed Ismail
General Manager
“Excellent service and results. They got the job done and were responsive to all of my questions.
Ali Raza
Thanks team for all the understanding & creating ERP. I really appreciate your team efforts.
Rabia Junaid
Sales director
I would like to thanks Ms Shikha Gupta for her wonderful work on our website. She is very cooperative and professional at her work. The way she listens to our demands and resolved our queries was amazing. An applause to Ms Apurva also for her extraordinary services. Highly recommended the whole team of Shyona Technologies for all the support and cooperation.
Vikalp Segon
Managing Partner
The Company highly considers client engagement and their Customer service is very professional. I really appreciate and thankful to Miss Shikha for her amazing work done on our website development. I was pleased with her transparent approach. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. The whole team at Shyona technologies are very supportive and dedicated towards their work. Thanks to Miss Apurva also for helping us in resolving our issues.
Syed Sheenam Abbas
Managing Partner
April 28, 2021
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May 2, 2020
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March 29, 2020
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