Founder’s Message

Apurva Singh
Apurva Singh
Founder and Managing Director
I have a strong belief that Shyona technologies can assist – and already is – in making a difference in marketing our clients’ businesses to their expectations. My conviction that the sky is the limit when it comes to digital marketing is unshaken. When we look carefully at the digital landscape, we realize that the whole space is an open platform open for advertisements, selling and buying services and products.
When I moved to Dubai in 2010, I found that a large majority of people didn’t have an email address or an online presence. A decade later, this cosmopolitan city aims to become the Middle East’s own version of Silicon Valley. Highly developed plans to make information technology a part of everyone’s daily life are beginning to bear fruit. Today, a wide range of paperwork and a big chunk of business transactions are done online. Decisions are in place to attract the “know-how” brains of the tech industry.

The vision of “Smart Dubai” is – on the ground – making Dubai look and act smarter.

Today, studies show that the UAE with its population of nearly 10 million people has almost doubled the number of mobile connections, and almost the entire population uses social media. To put it simply, the UAE’s huge technological leap has taken it to a prime position to dominate the growth of information technology in the region. Such a reality offers the perfect environment for businesses in different sectors to use technology to drive growth. And this is where our company fits perfectly.
The vital role technology plays in business – and the business of technology itself – is one of my great interests. This is the enterprise I decided, based on my passion coupled with my past experiences, to launch in 2015 when I established Shyona technologies. I wasn’t hesitant to enter a male-dominated field. On the contrary, I look at it as an advantage, as women are known for paying attention to the details. They also do their tasks with a high degree of precision, exactly as their male colleagues do.
Technology is the future, and we pride ourselves that our company is a one-stop shop for digital marketing. Our commitment is firm in offering our best to our clients, regardless of their gender, business sector, and audiences. From engineering and commercial companies to social media influencers, we raise the motto that your success is our success too !