Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing services

Our customized Social Media Marketing Services make your business grow many folds with exceptional brand awareness, enhanced customer relationships, and increased website traffic.

While social media has emerged as one of the most significant platforms for all the business firms and brands in the past few years, you still require an effective and planned strategy to make the most out of the whole effort in the same direction. That’s where our specialized social media marketing services helps you with:


Developing your brand awareness with increased followers

Once you have increased number of followers on your social media platforms, the word of mouth and referrals would help in making your brand reach more number of people in due time .Moreover, Our social media marketing services will do the same job for you in the shortest time possible and we will also ensure that the followers would be according to the common interest, demographics and behaviors of your customers.

Enhanced customer relationships
Once you will have a big list of followers to your social media portals, building a strong connection is the way to go ahead in the same direction. That’s where we will help you in building strong customer relationships by increase in their engagement with your social media profiles via likes, comments and shares.
Increased website traffic
We will work through for the development of effective social media campaigns to drive more traffic towards your website which would ultimately result in increased leads and sales.

Here at Shyona, we are backed by years of experience and hand son experience for bringing the best of social media marketing services for your particular brand or business.

Facebook Marketing Services
Facebook Marketing Services

01 Social media marketing services we offer

Facebook comes as one of the most potential platforms to market your business with over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s where we help you make the most out of it with our specialized facebook marketing services.
Instagram Marketing Services
Instagram Marketing Services

02 Social media marketing services we offer

We all believe in the fact that “a picture speaks thousands words “and that’s where we use instagram as one of the most prominent destinations to market your list of products and services to big audience.
Twitter Marketing Services
Twitter Marketing Services

03 Social media marketing services we offer

Twitter has over 330 million users worldwide and is been used by people from all ages and walks of life. We at Shyona help you build lifelong trust and relationships with your potential customers on one of world’s largest social media platform.
Linkedin Marketing Services
Linkedin Marketing Services

04 Social media marketing services we offer

Linkedin comes as the most sought after platforms for all the professionals and business owners with over 500 million daily users alongside. Moreover, as most of the users are educated and aged above 25 years old, we bring the most for your business with our effective social media marketing strategies.
Pinterest Marketing Services
Pinterest Marketing Services

05 Social media marketing services we offer

Pinterest carries along almost 400 million users from world around and whilst most of the users are educated and well qualified women, you can simply target the audience in accordance to your specific products and services in the same regards.
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    Pinterest Marketing Services


$ 559
Creatives : 10
Handling Facebook
Instagram & Twitter
Video Posts: 2
Price : USD 559 ( per month )
$ 1100
Creatives : 30+
Handling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin
Video Posts: 6
Silver Included
Youtube Magnet
Q&A + PPT’s
Price : USD 1100 ( per month )
$ 859
Creatives : 20
Handling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin
Video Posts: 4
Youtube Profiling
Followers magnet using Geo Targeting
Price : USD 859 ( per month )