Let me make concept of ORM very simple and transparent.

“Actually people (Users and Consumers) see you what read about you. They generate the image as per their gathered information.”

To know a brand or a personality, we read articles, blogs or reviews and whatever we read, our imagination go in the same way. Next time when it comes to our sight, our mind pokes to those contexts. This is how reputation gets built or destroyed in the eyes of public.

Today, I am going to talk about Online Reputation Management. It is the reputation management of a brand or an individual who are associated with the web. The procedure is done in regards to those searches which are done for such queries.

Let me explain in more relevant way-

Simple Rules of ORM

What I have observed with my knowledge earned in these years that “A good ORM process can be done by understanding the concept, whether you need it for immediate solution or for long term and understanding the objective. It includes righteous selection of platforms that can be used to distribute the contents, creating right content and then putting those contents on that desirable platform available on web.

But, these things needed to be done very smartly and precisely as to convey the objective like for branding and positive reputation without leaving loose ends. Selection of these web based platforms should be carefully chosen, creation of content should be engaging and aspiring. Segments of putting those contents should be perfectly programmed and aligned with the branding and objectives.

What is more interesting I find about Online Reputation Management is that it has greater effect then doing simple Social Media or SEO. ORM not only takes your position to the top of the list but also create a brand value that eventually increase trust value in the same.

What I Suggest to Do in ORM Process?

  1. First and most important part of the ORM process is carefully creating the right content that can go public and create right reputation for a brand or an individual even.
  2. Choosing the right platform on web like Social Media platforms, blog sites, news site, Web PR or even micro sites. The basic thing that has to be taken care here is to make sure that these platforms should be controllable to avoid future problem as more exposure you have more loose ends are there too.
  3. Now how to Create Micro Blogging Sites– Provide a substantial identification at first by creating a micro website. The site should be enough to accommodate your objectives. After doing this, create an impactful image of the survivor through your strong language and texts.
  4. Social Media Platforms– Social media platforms help a lot in increasing the PR value of the brand. Putting a relevant and expressive content on social media platforms is done to aware the public about a brand in a right manner. As social media through its fast communication ability eradicates negative image of the brand made so far.
  5. Posting positive reviews on different review sites generate an improved image of the brand.

Employ these techniques for your next ORM assignment; I am sure you will have desirable results using integrated SEO and SMO.